Monday, 6 September 2010

Matic 8B3...

The best Diesel jeans ever made.

The best Diesel jeans ever made.
Been a fan of Diesel for years now and have owned many pairs.... but these jeans by Diesel, originally out during the Spring Summer 2010 Collection tick all the right boxes.

Damage in all the right places (check)
Pocket Details (check)
THE Perfect Wash (check)

It goes with absolutely anything and can be work throughout the year. The right leg has a striped blue linen patch on the other side of the crash so that the damage doesn't get worse and worse with every wash (though this is part of the fun!) and the left leg has a silver patch so that the taste is a tad different.

These are by far my most favourite pair.... I happened to wear them to a MTG today, and when I got back and browsed, I came across these pictures of AnnaLynn McCord :)





春は少しかわいいらしいブラウスにロングカーディガンでGIRLY CUTE完成
夏は普通に白いタンクにゴールドサンダル、やレッドウェッジでCASUAL STYLEに成功


Thursday, 19 August 2010


Today someone asked me...

What should I wear to go mountain climbing?
Can I wear jeans?

Every time I've climbed I've seen so many people wearing different things...
but what do you think about this?

River Island top
Diesel cargo pants
Merrell hiking boots
Marc by Marc sunnies

Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Concert Wear... Summer Sonic

A&F Floral Print Dress
DIESEL Magnete sneakers in denim
DIESEL black waistpouch worn across the shoulder

Summer Festivals are very hot and humid in Tokyo so in your mind the best footwear seems to be the handy flip and flop.
BUT with the flip flops you can't jump and down to the sounds of The Offspring or bust a move to the sounds of Jay Z without worrying about having the next person stamp on your feet.

So as stuffy as it was sometimes inside the sneaker I think that this was my best outfit so far for the Summer Sonic Festival!

AND its also good if you tie a hanky on your wrist to wipe the pouring sweat!